Succeed at Agency Nursing

Our more successful agency nurses work in close partnership with the Agency keeping us up to date with their availability. Because of their skills and experience we are able to call our key hospitals daily when these nurses are available to seek work for them.

As they have established a reputation for their quality of work we have little problem placing them if the work is available.

In the work place there are three factors to consider that are important to being successful:


Your adaptability and flexibility – ability to adjust and work in different workplace cultures and environments which may be different from where you regularly work.

Clinical Expertise

Your clinical expertise – proficient and capable.

Interpersonal Skills

Your interpersonal skills – working well with the nursing team and professional relationship with patients.


  • Clinical Expertise

  • Interpersonal Skills

Little things make a big difference – if you are running late, call the agency and we will forewarn the hospital. This is much better than the hospital calling agency to try and find out where you are.

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