Frequent Placements

With agency work there is no consistent demand for staff from our hospitals. The majority of shift requests are for a night shift with an average shift length of eight or nine hours. Most ICU shifts are twelve hours.

Many shifts are booked within twelve hours or less to the start time. If a shift is booked a few days ahead then there is a much higher risk of it being cancelled.
Each week we receive a few early morning calls looking for agency staff to fill in for hospital staff that have called in sick. Let us know if you are happy to have an early morning call.

Medical and surgical shift availability varies significantly during the year. The quietist time is during the first few months of the year with peak demand from October through to December.

Shifts for Midwives, ICU and Mental Health nurses have a more consistent demand over the year but can still vary significantly from week to week.

All our shifts for Midwives, ICU and Medical/Surgical nurses are with private hospitals across metropolitan Sydney.

Our shifts for Mental Health nurses are with public hospitals.

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