Your CV and experience

  • We try to track your education, qualifications and experience. If there are gaps in your work experience explain what you were doing during this period.
  • One of our hospitals will require you to sign a Statutory Declaration listing your paid work when working in your current classification (RN or AIN).
  • At least one years fulltime paid work experience is required.

Police Check

  • If it is more than three years since you obtained your Police Check you will have to obtain a new one.
  • If it is more than three months since you obtained your Police Check you will have to sign a Statutory Declaration stating that you have not had any criminal convictions (pending or otherwise) since you obtained your police check.
  • Options include applying online with NSW Police and verify your ID at a Police station or visit an Australia Post Office with your documentation and lodge your application. It usually takes about five to ten days to receive your certificate.

NSW Working with Children Check

  • Your Working with Children check should be for paid work not volunteer work. All we need is your number; the agency will confirm that you are currently cleared.
  • You can apply for one with Children’s Guardian. You will have to verify your ID at a NSW Customer Service Centre.


  • Please ensure that your referees have agreed to provide a reference. If we are having trouble contacting them we will ask for your help to get this step completed.

100 Point ID check

  • Please read the checklist for acceptable documents to prove your ID.

Evidence of Right to Work in Australia

  • If you are an Australian citizen this can be either your Birth Certificate, passport, Citizenship Certificate.
  • If you are not an Australian citizen please produce your passport (not a copy).

Certificates of Prior Service

  • Documentation with correct letterhead listing your prior service with previous employers.
  • This is required to ensure that you are on the correct pay level.


  • If you are a Midwife or Registered Nurse we will check your registration details on the AHPRA website.
  • If you have a CERT III in HSA please bring the original copy of your Certificate.
  • If you are a nursing undergraduate please bring your student ID badge and be prepared to log into the your Uni portal so that we can check your enrolment details and course progress.


  • You should have a TFN so that the appropriate tax is deducted from your pay. Apply for one
  • All employers are required to pay an additional 9.5% of your wages (excluding overtime) into your superfund of choice. Most healthcare staff are members of HESTA or First State Super but you may choose your own fund. This can be done online and you will get your membership number straight away.


  • Please carefully read the following table summarising the vaccination requirements.

Send Us Your CV

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