Employment opportunities for overseas nursing jobs in Australia

At Access Nursing Agency we take your career as seriously as your holiday. Come and explore beautiful Australia and still keep your professional goals on track, by gaining access to the best overseas nursing jobs.
Australia has become one of the most highly sought after destinations for people from all over the world who looking for overseas nursing jobs. The relaxed lifestyle, multi-cultural tolerant environment, and flexible trade laws make it relatively easy for nurses from most regions of the world to visit Australia, safely travel around the country and work to finance their stay at the same time.
Access Nursing is an overseas nursing agency that pro-actively seeks and recruits healthcare professionals from all over the world. We work hard to make your decision to undertake a working holiday in Australia an easy one by offering secure employment and helping you with every step of the process. Our service is intimate and we set out to treat you like one of our extended family. Our friendly team is always here to lend a sympathetic ear and assist with any problems that may arise. We make sure that you have everything in place from accommodation to documentation and provide training to bring you up to speed with local methods, procedures and requirements.
Australia might be on the far side of the planet for most, but is considered to be one of the most sophisticated and highly advanced professional medical industries in the world. As a nurse, by working in Australia, you will have the opportunity to extend your career through valuable top level experience gained in the field.
We know you will never regret coming. So for the adventure of a lifetime come and experience the relaxed Australian lifestyle while enjoying rewarding, challenging overseas nursing jobs and get the best of both worlds.
At Access Nursing Agency we stake our reputation on being one of Sydney’s most respected and reputable overseas nursing agencies and are proud to say that we are the leading local agency for Mental Health Nurses.

Your international career.

Unlike most agencies our focus here at Access Nursing is on your satisfaction. If you’re considering nursing overseas, we have jobs that fit your long term career goals, as well as the lifestyle you desire. Access Nursing makes sure that the medical facilities that we cater for only receive the best, most passionate nurses. As a result, our nurses have their pick of the best positions and most desirable shift within the Healthcare Industry, in addition to excellent pay rates and the chance to enjoy your stay here in Australia.

How many agencies should you join?

Just one!

Access Nursing gives priority to all full time staff members over members of multiple agencies, so it is important that you join just the one. We are a leading overseas nursing agency and will have enough work for you to feel secure.
So if you are ready to make a change or a looking for an overseas nursing agency that seriously takes your needs into consideration, then talk to us now about placement opportunities.
You can register online for overseas nursing jobs with us by clicking here or call one of our friendly team on the number listed at the top of the page.

Documents you will need…

Tax File Number

You will need to complete an Employment Declaration Form when registering with Access Nursing. If you do not have a Tax File Number, you will need to complete a Tax File Number Application Form, available from post offices and the Australian Taxation Office or apply online Click here.

NSW Nurses and Midwives Board: Authority to Practice

You must hold a current registration to practice as a nurse with the appropriate Registration Board in New South Wales.
You can obtain the appropriate paperwork from:
NSW Nurses and Midwives Board: Authority to Practice
Level 6, North Wing
477 Pitt Street
PO Box K599
Telephone +61 2 9219 0222
Rural access 1800 241 220
Email: mail@nmb.nsw.gov.au
If you’re looking for overseas nursing jobs, don’t delay – register with us now and get on to getting the applicable paperwork.

We offer employment opportunities to:

  • Registered
    General Nurses
  • Psychiatric
  • Paediatric
  • Midwives
  • ICU Nurses
  • HDU Nurses
  • Theatre
  • Enrolled
  • Assistant
  • Wardspersons

Australia, beautiful one day, perfect the next!

Although your local travel agent can probably give you a fair idea of travelling around Australia and visiting Sydney, we thought we’d supply some extra information to help you with your decision.